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Social Media

Many locals use social media platforms to reach their members. UnionConnect provides a way to easily link your social media accounts to the app for your members to access.

How to link your social media accounts

  1. Login to the app manager
  2. Click the Local dropdown at the top of the page
  3. Click Edit Local
  1. Click the Social Media tab
  2. Follow the instructions below for the social media platform you want to link

For Facebook

  1. Go to Find My Facebook ID
  2. Copy and paste the URL to your Facebook page in the Facebook Link field
  1. Click Get Facebook ID
  2. Copy your Facebook ID
  3. Paste the Facebook ID you copied to the Facebook ID field in the settings
  1. Click Update

For Instagram

  1. Enter your Instagram username in the Instagram field. Be careful not enter the URL to the Instagram account
  1. Click Update

For YouTube

  1. Go to your YouTube channel
  2. Copy the channel name from the URL to the YouTube channel
  1. Paste what you copied into the YouTube channel field in the settings
  1. Click Update