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Contact Information

This section of the settings pertains to your local’s location and contact information. The information you put here will be displayed under Contact My Union and My Union -> About inside of the app.

Change Contact Information Settings

  1. Login to the app manager
  2. Click the Local dropdown at the top of the page
  3. Click Edit Local
  1. Click the Contact Information tab
  2. Here’s how to fill out each field with the appropriate information:
    • Address – Enter the address of your Union’s headquarters
    • City – Enter the city where your headquarters is located
    • State – Enter the state where your headquarters is located
    • Phone – Enter a phone number which you want members to contact you at
    • Toll free phone – Enter a toll free number
    • URL – Enter the URL to your union’s website without the https:// in front
    • Email – Enter an email you want your members to contact you at
    • Secondary emails – Enter additional email addresses that you want to receive a contact form
  3. Once you have entered the appropriate information, click Update